Real. Relatable. Practical.

And grounded in research.

I’m an educator and researcher with extensive experience in the corporate world, working on Wall Street and serving on six publicly-traded boards over the last 20 years. Connecting the latest research around gender bias and diversity to my own real, relatable experiences, I’ll share actionable insights and tools to help you create lasting change.


Keynote Speaking

Take the first step toward a cultural shift—it begins with knowledge. Watch Susan’s TEDx Cornell talk.



Challenge views and connect new ideas during interactive sessions including case studies and exercises.


Executive Education

Delve deeply into the material by attending an open enrollment course or with a custom course tailored to your organization.



I’ll customize your session—whether you want a 20-minute presentation or a 1-3 day course—based on your audience, industry, and the particular challenges your organization is facing. I’ll work with you to figure out the right topics and session structure to fit your needs.



Most Requested Topics


Overcoming Stereotypes and Bias

What impact do gender stereotypes and bias have upon women’s ascent to and success in leadership roles, and how can individuals and organizations begin to overcome them?

Executive Presence and Authenticity

You know a leader when you see one. What traits and behaviors exude leadership, and why is demonstrating both executive presence and authenticity especially challenging for women?

The State of Women in

Find out how women are faring in your industry. Why is women’s representation important, especially in leadership roles, both in your organization and across society?


Mentorship vs. Sponsorship

What is the difference between a mentor and a sponsor—and why does it matter? Why do women and people of color find less opportunity for sponsorship, and how can we change that?

Women and Negotiation

Gender stereotypes and social norms can make negotiation a risky proposition for women, especially those acting as their own advocates. Explore strategies to help women negotiate with confidence.

The Business Case for Diversity

The research is clear—diversity is good for the bottom line. Learn how having more women in leadership is associated with financial growth, better decision-making and governance, and greater innovation.



Looking for Open-Enrollment Courses?

Enroll in an on-location Women in Hospitality Leadership course on the Cornell University campus or take one of Susan’s online courses offered through eCornell: Executive Women in Leadership or Women’s Entrepreneurship.


Additional Training Topics

I’m available to conduct in-house training seminars on entrepreneurship, corporate finance, insurance company valuation and M&A, private equity, and negotiations. Get in touch with me.